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Shopping Charge

25% of receipt total

Delivery Charge

$15.99 per order

Additional Stops

$9.99 each add'l stop

Before / After Hours

$9.99 each occurance

Credit Card Processing

4% of total invoice

Gasoline Surcharge


Same Day Delivery


Reusable Grocery Bag

$1.50 each

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Charges and Fees





Customer Appreciation Programs

  • Share the Savings Program - Coupons, Free Goods & Special Discounts are Shared on a 50/50 basis. Everyone wins!

  • Refer a Friend Program - For Every Referral, Receive 50% off your Next Delivery, Your Friend Gets 50% off their First.

  • Recycle the Bag Program - Return the WDG groceries bags from your previous order and receive $1.00 immediate credit.

Clearwatrer Fun  Facts

Terms and Conditions


Originally called Clear Water Harbor, it was established in 1835 and up to the year 1900 had as little as 400 residents.


The Town of Clearwater was established in 1897, The City of Clearwater was incorporated in 1915 and is the county seat of Pinellas County.


Clearwater hosts the Clearwater jazz festival every October.


The Sun n Fun Festival is 10 days of activities at the end of April.




The Original Hooters opened it doors on SR 60 in 1983. It was incorporated on April fools day because the six partners believed it would surely fail.


The Cleawater Marine Aquarium is the home to Winter the star of "A Dolphins Tale" (as well as the the sequel).


Clearwater’s Sister City is Nagano, Japan.


Clearwater is the headquarters and flagship location of






Prices are based on cash or authorized local check payment with 24 hours advanced notice, a single shopping stop located in the same area as delivery and are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Our professional shoppers will confirm the schedule prior to delivery. Payment is collected at time of delivery.


Shopping Charge - 25% of the store receipt and Share the Savings Amount.


Delivery Charge - Based on a single grocery visit and delivery in the same area. Add $9.99 for an out of area shopping stop.


Additional Stops - $9.99 for each addtionnal stop after the initial grocery stop, which is included in the Shopping Charge.


Before / After Hours - Hours of Operation are 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Before or after hours  add $9.99.


Credit Card Processing - 4% is charged by the Credit Card Processing comanies and is applied to the invoice total.


Gasoline Surcharge - Currently waived.


Reusuable Grocery Bags - $1.50 for each bag which can be returned on the next order for an immediate credit of $1.00 each


Gift Orders - Can be pre-paid by credit card or gift certificate, a 10% gratuity will be automatically ordered to the invoice total.


* Certain Restrictions Apply: Daily Specials are available only for the day listed. In the event that an order cannot be filled on the required day, an alternate day will be offered as a substitute.



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