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Frequently Asked Questions

What is

We are the premier Shopping and Delivery service based in the Tampa Bay Area. You tell us what you would like, where you would like if from and when you would like it delivered. We take care of the rest.

Where does shop for my order?

We shop at all stores. You tell us the store you would like us to shop at and we will shop there for you. We are not part of any supermarket or chain and are able to go to all stores. 

Do I have to pay for a membership fee or buy an app?

No, placing an order is free. We only charge a shopping and delivery. There are no memberships or annual fee needed and certainly no app to buy. Does a grocery store charge you to walk in the door? Do they only tell you what the costs are after you buy? We are a grocery shopping and delivery service and only charge for shopping and delivery. Any other service that charges you for the ability to do business with them is taking advantage. Ask yourself, what else are they overcharging for?

Is there a markup on items? Do they cost more than in the store?

There is never a mark-up or padding of the price with The prices are exactly the same as in the store, including sales and specials. Other services will make vague statements such as  "Pricing may be a little higher than in store, to cover shipping and handling." or "Prices may vary in-store". Sometimes the "little higher" is 80%. We also provide a store receipt with every purchase, other services will never honor this and when pressed will state that they are third party resellers and do not have to furnish the price paid at the store.

Who does the shopping and delivery?

Our professional shoppers work for us and are background checked, extensively trained, and managed locally. Other services use crowd-sourcing or day workers to fill the orders. Those independent contractors do NOT work for the company they deliver for, or the store they shop at. They are paid a very small percentage of the total amount charged and rewarded for doing as many orders as fast as possible. Haste makes waste. In addition to not having your best interest at heart, many of the "shoppers" are thinly checked, if at all. We value our customers safety more than sending just anyone to your door.

Can I order from more than one store?

Absolutely, since we shop at any store you choose, you can select multiple stores as well. There is an additional charge for each stop.

How much does it cost to get a shopping order delivered?

All of our pricing is clearly posted on the site to be reviewed before placing an order. We only charge a shopping and delivery fee depending on an the area we deliver to. We never mark up the products. You get to take advantage of all in store pricing including sales, discounts and specials. Other services keep that savings to pad their profits, we pass it along to you along with a store receipt to prove it. 

Is there an additional charge for small orders or deliveries at special times?

There are no minimum order amounts and we never add on an additional charge for small, or large orders. We also don't change our pricing depending on the time of day you order for delivery. 

How do I pay for the order?

We accept cash, credit cards and verified checks. We collect payment when we deliver the groceries. For security reasons we do not collect your private information or require a credit card on file to place an order. We understand the real threat of hackers and will not put your information online for hackers to target. Your security is too important to us.

Do you offer one hour delivery?

No we don't, actually nobody does. The companies that promote delivery in an hour are actually saying you can schedule your delivery time in an hour time frame. For example : delivery between 9:00 am - 10:00 am. Even if you can't get that delivery for one or two days. If you think about it, the time it takes for their drivers to get an order, get to the store, shop for the items and then drive it to you would be close to impossible to accomplish in an hour, unless they have a time machine. We believe this is a false representation and believe in honesty and integrity. We ask for a days notice to schedule, but can usually accommodate same day delivery for an additional fee. 

Do you honor in-store sales?

Yes, all of the prices are the same price as in the store. Our professional shoppers always purchase the sale items and call you if there is a sale item that is a better price than the brand on your list. Our purpose is to save you money every way possible.

Do you accept coupons?

Yes we do, we have a database of coupons that we utilize when shopping for your order and share the savings. If you have specific coupons that you would like us to use you can give them to us at the time of delivery and we will save them for you and use on your next order. If you want us to pick up coupons before shopping an additional stop charge will apply.

What are Preferred Partners?

While we are not tied to any store, chain or business, we do form special relationships with some local businesses. Preferred Partners are local businesses that we partner with and recommend highly. Preferred Partner stores are locally owned markets that offer special discounted pricing to our customers by sharing the work. For example, a preferred partner that does the shopping for an order save that charge from the customer. Orders from Preferred Partner stores do not pay the normal shopping fee that is charged when shopping at other stores.

How much advanced notice is needed when placing an order?

We ask for 24 hours notice to confirm and schedule  deliveries. We do our scheduling the night before the delivery. If you need same day delivery, please call 727-785-5886 to verify we have availability to fill the order. 

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