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Fresh Eggs delivered in temperature controlled cooler
  • Our Philosophy is Why We Are Tampa Bay's ONLY Professional Local Grocery Shopping and Delivery Service.

  • No Annual Fee, No App to Buy, No Grocery Markup
    - Use Us Anytime, As You Need Us, No Contract.

  • Professional Shoppers are Trained & Screened. We Will Never Send Strangers to Your Home.

  • You Choose the Store and Delivery Time. You Are Not Limited to  Any Store or Chain.

  • We Shop the Sales, Use Coupons and Only Charge a Reasonable Shopping and Delivery Fee. A Store Recipt is Supplied With Your Delivery. We don't Overcharge You for Your Groceries.

  • Order Online, on your Smartphone, via email or You Can Always  Just Call.

Why Choose our Service


What it is





There are many companies that can get food to you, lets look at some of the the differences between us and them. has Professional Shoppers

Professional Shoppers are personally selected, extensively trained, and screened to ensure they meet and exceed our high standards. Since every Professional Shopper is the one that will interact directly with our customers and the stores, a high business standard is necessary. Above all else, our professional shoppers need to have the personal skills to take care of our customers as they would their own family. This is a very personalized service, entrusting a person to shop for your food is an important decision. Besides the trust that the shopper will select the freshest food at the best price, we value the importance of the peace of mind knowing that a safe, professional is the one coming to your home. The one on one relationship that we develop with our customers are more than business, it is personal. Our Professional Shoppers earn their title every day, not because they have to, because that is who they are, and who we are.

Online Grocery Shopping

This is the generic term for all grocery food items that are found or purchased online. These services sometimes raise the price of items delivered and charge a lower fee for delivery. Also the customers of these services are limited to a single store, selected by the company. Peapod is an example, or SHIPT, which uses UBER type drivers. offers grocery delivery from the store(s) of your choice, not only a single store. Our deliveries are done by our trained staff, not some stranger whose qualification is limited to having a driver's license.

Online Grocery Shipping

Large retailers such Amazon ship limited groceries, not fresh food delivery. These items are packed in mass in a distribution warehouse and shipped through the mail. Shipping charges may apply. Most items are shipped in bulk packages not individually selected. Fresh food and perishables are not available when using online grocery shipments.

We deliver groceries, both fresh and dry goods, to your home from the store of your choice. Each item is personally selected for you.

Prepared Food Delivery

Food produced, manufactured and delivered either through the mail or refrigerated trucks. While the majority of the food is tasty, it is also very limited in variety and quite expensive. Schwann's is a company that supplies this type of service.

WeDeliverGroceries is fresh food delivery provider from your choice of supermarket, grocery delivery with limitless options.

HomeHealth / SeniorCare

These services are mostly government funded by grants and agencies. Some agencies use volunteers to deliver, such as Meals on Wheels, while others use certified medical professionals to do everything from bathing customers to running errands. When the cost falls on the consumer, and not paid by insurance or Medicare / Medicaid, it can become very expensive. caters to Senior Citizens for their food delivery service needs and works with many customers that also use a home healthcare provider.

Personal Shoppers / Concierge

A personal shopper / concierge service does everything from shop for groceries, to clothes, to buying concert tickets. does grocery food delivery. Our expertise is providing professional grocery shopping service, not fashion choices or reservations.

Independent Grocery Shopping

Independent shoppers are widespread. Their services range from dog walking, to house cleaning, to handy man repairs. Commonly referred to in the industry as "Joe the ragman, working out of his garage". These people are anyone with a car without training or background checks. Do you really want to invite someone into your home with a neck tattoo, just released from prison? These people also work as independent contractors for crowdsourcing companies. screens and train all of our professional shoppers. Safety is our #1 priority.

Private Shoppers

Known as Mystery Shoppers or Secret Shoppers, they are hired by companies to shop at their stores and identify possible issues. They work "undercover" to report the customer's experience to corporate executives in an organization. is a local food delivery service. We work for our customers, not the grocery store.

Virtual Grocery Store

An online grocery store with some products listed for selection. Virtual grocery stores are limited to the items listed for sale in a specific store and does not allow for shopping from multiple stores. Beware of companies that use independent contractors as shoppers. It is Independent Grocery Shopping (see above) with a virtual store through an app, which is usually at a substantial cost. allows for online grocery shopping by submitting a order online, via email or phone. We deliver from any and all grocery stores so there are not any limitations to your choices.

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