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We Deliver Groceries bag
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Free Shopping at

Does the Delivery!

North Pinellas


All other charges and fees remain

24 hour advance notice required

Scheduling is first-come, first-served & based on availability

Re-usable grocery bags can be returned on your next visit for $1.00 credit**

Not to be combined with other offers or discounts

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Shopping Charge


Delivery Charge

$15.99 per order

Additional Stops

$9.99 each add'l stop

Before/After Hours


Credit Card Processing

4% of invoice

Gasoline Surcharge


Driver Minimum Gratuity


Reusable Grocery Bag

$1.50 each

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*Earth Origins is taking care of the the normal 25% shopping charge. The cost to the customer for shopping is FREE!  

** Reusable grocery bags are bags only

Cannot be combined with other discounts or programs, may be modified or cancelled at any time.

Ordering Tips

Group Items







Size Counts


Sm / Med / Lg

Small garlic or large?

10 oz can or 23 oz?

2 lb rice or 10lbs?

Thin steaks or thick?



One apple or one bag

Ribeyes = 2? 4? 8?

Bulk Items

Scoop or Ounces?


Be Specific


Organic or Conventional

Brand Name or Generic

Ripe avocados or green



Allowing substitutions gives the Professional Shopper the ability to find the closest alternative in the case of out of stock or to find the best value.

Keep Lists


We are all creatures of habit and order the same items over and over again. Saving past lists builds a master list catering to your favorite items.

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