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Shopping Charge

25% of receipt

Delivery Charge

$25.99 per order

Additional Stops

$9.99 each

Before / After Hours

$9.99 each

Credit Card Processing

4% of totaL

Same Day Delivery


Reusable Grocery Bag


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You Pay the Same Prices as in the Stores, No Markups


No Contracts, No Membership fees, No Annual Charges


Free Ordering Online, by Phone, or our Free App


With every delivery, all sales and discounts are for you

Locally owned and operated, we only use carefully screened and extensively trained professional shoppers. In an age when some online grocery companies base their business model on dishonest practices and hidden costs to deceive grocery customers, while using day-workers to do grocery deliveries, we base our business on the customers needs, safety and satisfaction. Ask yourself if you would invite a stranger  standing on the side of the road, into your home, let alone shop and deliver for you. BEWARE of any company that pretends to be part of a grocery store through misrepresentation and who selects their grocery delivery people by the ability to sign up online. The only qualification for their unscreened delivery people is the willingness to work for peanuts and not undergo a drug test. Your safety is important. Don't open your life up to an unethincal company that puts your family's security at risk. We strive to provide the best service by our Professional Shoppers, who select only the best products at the best price. We shop at the store of your choice, shop the sales and even use coupons to get the total cost of groceries to the lowest possible price. We only charge a shopping and delivery fee and furnish a store receipt with every order. No hidden markups or app to buy. You deserve to have grocery delivery to your home from the trusted family at

Terms and Conditions


Shopping Charge - 25% of the store receipt and Share the Savings Amount.


Delivery Charge - Based on a single grocery visit and delivery in the same area. Add $9.99 for an out of area shopping stop.


Additional Stops - $9.99 for each addtionnal stop after the initial grocery stop, which is included in the Shopping Charge.


Before / After Hours - Hours of Operation are 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Before or after hours  add $9.99.


Credit Card Processing - 4% is charged by the Credit Card Processing comanies and is applied to the invoice total.


Gasoline Surcharge - Currently waived.


*Reusuable Grocery Bags - $1.50 for each bag which can be returned on the next order for an immediate credit of $1.00 each


Gift Orders - Can be pre-paid by credit card or gift certificate, a 10% gratuity will be automatically ordered to the invoice total.


Prices are based on cash or authorized local check payment with 24 hours advanced notice, a single shopping stop located in the same area as delivery and are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Our professional shoppers will confirm the schedule prior to delivery. Payment is collected at time of delivery.



  • Share the Savings Program - Coupons, Free Goods & Special Discounts are Shared on a 50/50 basis. Everyone wins!

  • Refer a Friend Program - For Every Referral, Receive 50% off your Next Delivery, Your Friend Gets 50% off their First.

  • Recycle the Bag Program - Return the WDG groceries bags from your previous order and receive $1.00 immediate credit.

Beautiful Hillsborough County 


Hillsborough County Fun  Facts

Hillsborough County, which takes its name from Wills Hill, British Secretary of State to the Colonies from 1768-1772. 


On Jan. 25, 1834, the U.S. Legislative Council for the Territory of Florida approved an act organizing Hillsborough as Florida’s 19th county. In 1845, Florida was granted statehood. 


Hillsborough County was an area that included what is now Pinellas, Polk, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, DeSoto, Hardee and Highlands Counties, most of Glades, and part of Lee County.

Aviation history was made as Tony Jannus pilots the world’s first scheduled airline flight from St. Petersburg to Tampa.


Tampa is the home to Florida's oldest brewery (Florida Brewing Company, est. 1897) and the oldest restaurant (The Columbia Restaurant, est. 1905).

The last change in Hillsborough County's borders was the separation to create Pinellas County, in 1911. Professional Shoppers service Hillsborough County residents and visitors. Being local, we appreciate our friends, neighbors, and guests above all else.


Group Items







Be Specific


Organic or Conventional

Brand Name or Generic

Ripe avacados or green

Size Counts


Sm / Med / Lg

Small garlic or large?

10 oz can or 23 oz?

2 lb rice or 10lbs?

Thin steaks or thick?



Allowing substituions gives the Professional Shopper the ability to find the closest alternative in the case of out of stock or to find the best value.



One apple or one bag

Ribeyes = 2? 4? 8?

Bulk Items

Scoop or Ounces?


Keep Lists


We are all creatures of habit and order the same items over and over again. Saving past lists builds a master list catering to your favorite items.

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