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Fresh Baked Bread delivered to your home

How it Works


  • Push the                   Button


  • Or call 727-785-5886


  • Select the Delivery area


  • Verify the Pricing 


  • Fill in the Fields to Set up your account including:

    • Contact information

    • Choice(s) of Store(s), and items

    • Requested delivery date and time


  • We shop, pay for, & deliver to your location

  • You pay us when we deliver

  • A store receipt and invoice is provided






Simple is Better

Life is too short to waste it in a grocery store, but your time should not be given if your wants are not met. For this reason, shops the way you do, Simple.

Your Choice

You choose the store, you choose the items, and you choose the time. Why settle for anything less than what you want? is not affiliated with any grocery store or chain. We go shop at any store of your choice; you shouldn't be limited in where your groceries come from. 


Your choice of items is not limited to a "virtual" grocery store. We shop and deliver from your favorite store. Same price as in the store including sales, BOGOs and coupons, we don't increase the cost of items.

Your Quality and Safety Standards

WeDeliveryGroceries straight from the grocery store to your front door by WeDeliverGroceries employees.


BEWARE of companies that use "independant Contractors" to shop and deliver groceries. These people do not work for the company or the store. They are paid for piece work with 1099 filing (No FICA tax withheld).  The more jobs they do, the more they get paid. Do you really want a temp worker racing through your order?

As far as security, these contractors sign up online and get your personal information for delivery. WeDeliverGroceries hires and trains all employees. When a Professional Shopper comes to your home, you need to know this person is safe. We do.

Your Money

How much do you currently spend shopping for groceries? BEWARE of companies that raise the price of goods on a smartphone app!


Sure, you pay for the items, but do you shop the sales? Probably... Do you use coupons? Maybe... Do you know where the best sales are on all of the items you frequently buy? Not a chance, too many stores, items and sales...but we do! And you get the benefit of our wisdom and practices.


You still get the benefit of specials and sales, we don't increase the cost of items. You pay what the store charges.


Your Time

How do you spend your time and what is it worth?


Why spend your free time shopping for groceries when you can be using your valuable time for you, whether it is taking care of your household, family or your personal needs. Do you really want to spend that time in traffic, walking down isles, waiting in line to checkout, loading groceries in your car, back to traffic and stop lights, then unload them at home?


Or you can enjoy your time and have us take care of the unplesant parts of this chore for a reasonable fee. Life is too short to waste in a grocery store and you have more important things to do. Let us take care of your shopping. A few hours a week saved adds up to over a year in a lifetime. Don't waste it.

We Embrace the Elimination of Waste

 We use reusable grocery bags, no paper or plastic here!. The bags are yours to keep, or to return on your next order for credit. 

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